A new version of System Architect has been commercially released

Product Announcement:

System Architect®
has been released

As a valued System Architect® customer, we want to let you know that a new version of System Architect has been commercially released. We continue to drive improvements into the product within themed areas to enable you to build and maintain a value-driven enterprise architecture. System Architect provides the following enhancements:

SA XT Diagramming Enhancements: Numerous enhancements have been made to the new SA XT diagram editor introduced with SA (which supports creation and editing of all diagram types for UAF, DoDAF 2, TOGAF 9.1 ArchiMate 3.0, and all 'representationally consistent' diagram types specified by the user via usrprops.txt). The SA XT diagram editor now allows you to:
Create line symbols from the Draw toolbar
Change connections and deletion of line symbols
Be alerted by a prompt for required definition properties on drawing nodes/lines for new definitions
Draw lines to existing keyed definitions
Use an Apply button in SA XT Definition & Diagram properties editor
No longer receive session timeouts while editing a diagram in System Architect XT - it is now prevented
SA XT Reporting GUI Enhancements: New features have been made to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for building Reports introduced in SA XT 11.4.6:
Additional reporting levels: Users can now build reports up to 10 levels
Filter available types & properties: the Available Types and Available Properties lists are now filtered by selections made in previous levels
Filter reference types & allow custom or renamed reference types: Reports now support multiple reference levels. The Reference Types shown in the next level’s dropdown now depend on the Types selected in previous levels. Also, the Reference Type dropdown will recognize custom and renamed Reference Types entered in USRPROPS.TXT
Sub Reports: Users can build reports that include Sub Reports. Because the queries entered in SA XT are not stored in a report file, you must include the location of the Sub Report file in the query text. Details are provided in the help
Conceptual Data Model for UAF & DoDAF 2: A conceptual data model is now provided for the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) (the Op-If Conceptual Data Model) and the DoDAF 2 framework (where it is named DIV-1)
SA Reporting System Now Supports Sub Reports: The native SA reporting system can now produce non-linear reports - for example, you can build a report that shows definition X and related definition Y and its properties, and then also definition Z related to definition X and its properties, etc. Sub report output is provided in Grid-format output, HTML-format output, and SA XT output
Replacement of WMF with SVG graphics: For better presentation of depictions in diagrams presented in web pages, most uses of metafile (for example, wmf file) depiction files have been replaced with svg files. The only places where this has not been done is where the RETAIN STYLE keywords were not used in the property set, meaning that user-defined colors were expected to be used
Support for Microsoft Office 2016: System Architect provides several report templates that open in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These reports will now work with Microsoft Office 2016

To request this new release of System Architect, please log in or register on the UNICOM Customer Portal, or email to architect.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM Software Solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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