A new version of System Architect has been commercially released

Product Announcement:

System Architect®
has been released

As a valued System Architect® customer, we want to let you know that a new version of System Architect has been commercially released. We continue to drive improvements into the product within themed areas to enable you to build and maintain a value-driven enterprise architecture. System Architect provides the following enhancements:

Frameworks - TOGAF 9.2: TOGAF support has been updated to the latest version of the standard. New definition types include Value Stream, Business Capability, and Course of Action. New diagram types are Business Capability Map, Business Capability Hierarchy, Business Process Hierarchy (Data Centric), and Business Model.
Frameworks - NAF 4.0: Support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Architecture Framework (NAF) v 4.0 was added. This support is provided to all users who have the NAF licensed add-in. The NAF 4.0 support is based on the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF 1.0) metamodel.
Reporting - Across Workspaces: You may now report across workspaces via the Reporting GUI, and via SA XT reports from the 'Question/Query' page and reports specified in page files. You specify cross-workspace reports using the RUNACROSSWS subcommand, and in SA XT, via the .xml configuration file.
Reporting - Support for Sub Reports: Support for Sub Reports can now be specified via the reporting GUI, enabling functionality similar to an 'outer join'.
Reporting - GUI Extended to 9 Levels: The reporting GUI in System Architect has been extended to 9 levels deep from 5 levels.
Reporting - Generation of Pictures of Diagrams (SVG/JPG/PNG): You may now generate pictures of diagrams with reporting system reports.
Reporting - Saving Reports Built in SA XT: Reports built in SA XT can now be saved. There is an option in the Query Builder to save your query as a Shared or Private Query to be run later. Saved Queries are added to the sidebar to be run with the click of the link.
Reporting - 'By Reference' Enhancement: SA now allows reporting on property name and label from the relationship level when using the REFERENCES or REFERENCEDBY keywords.
Reporting - On Hidden Fields: "Hidden" fields can now be selected and used in "where" commands to identify the hidden state of a symbol.
Interface/Integrations - REST Write: SA now supports REST Write (in addition to REST Read which has been supported for several years). REST Write provides ability to create definitions and to update diagram and definition properties and to delete diagrams and definitions. In addition, REST Read has been enhanced to support for retrieving type names for which instances exist.
Usability - SA Client and SA XT Web Drawing Enhancement: A paperclip icon is now presented above symbols to indicate presence of reference documents in the underlying definition.
Configurability - Web Client: You can now edit and set configuration defaults of the SA XT web.config file through Catalog Manager.
Encyclopedia Management: The definition dialog now provides a button showing the available space left for the object properties, in percentage form, the value of which being recalculated every time a property value changes.

To request this new release of System Architect, please log in or register on the UNICOM Customer Portal, or email to architect.support@unicomsi.com.

At UNICOM, our commitment is to ensure that ongoing research and development continue for all UNICOM Software Solutions and to maintain the highest standards of technical support for you, our customers.

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